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Harris Suites fX Sudirman, Jakarta: Stayed and Reviewed.

I have stayed at Harris Suites fX Sudirman in Jakarta couple of times for business. The company that I am working for did offer a few hotels that is in a certain price range but the hotels were either run down or out of the way.

I decided to find my own accommodation that meets the office budget and my own personal conditions. And Harris Suites fX Sudirman meets all of it. My criteria are as follows:

1) Access to food. I am quite tired of eating hotel food. They tend to look and taste the same and the cost is expensive. I would prefer to try local food and it has to be accessible.
Harris Suites fX Sudirman: The hotel is located on top of a 8-storey mall which comprises mainly of restaurants and food stalls. There is also a supermarket and pharmacy on the basement floor. There are a lot of food options here.

Harris Suites fX Sudirman. The mall is on the
lower ground with the hotel and residences on
the tower block.

2) Traffic. Jakarta is well known for its traffic jam. I would have to factor in the travel time for my appointments. So the hotel would have to be near the main road where most of my clients are located . The entry and exit of the hotel driveway has to be easily accessible for taxis and cars.
Harris Suites fX Sudirman: The mall is located on one of the main thoroughfare, Jalan Sudirman with the major office buildings along this road. Getting in and out of the building by taxi is not a problem.

3) Taxis. My present company does not provide expenses to rent my own car in Jakarta. This would mean I have to rely on the normal Blue Bird taxi. The hotel that I stay in must have enough number of taxis in standby at its driveway.
Harris Suites fX Sudirman: Because it is a major mall,. there are always the Blue Bird taxis on queue outside the main entrance, even late at night. Most of the taxis are familiar with this building as well.

The road in purple is Jalan Sudirman, the main thoroughfare on the
Central Business District.

4) Cost. As mentioned earlier on, the cost of the hotel must be reasonable. It cannot be 4-5 stars standard, unfortunately, because my wonderful company will not pay.
Harris Suites fX Sudirman: There are several packages for this hotel. The regular room costs IDR908,000 per night which is around USD79. Another package, which I recommend is the SIMPLE Business package, which costs IDR958,000 per night. With a minimum of 2 nights, it includes 4 pieces of Laundry per day.

5) Wifi. It has to be free, preferably.
Harris Suites fX Sudirman: All rooms come with free wifi. The wifi is quite reliable.

Here are some pictures of the place that I stayed:

The lobby area. The lifts are located beyond the glass door.

fX Suite Room upon entry.

The mini-minibar along the hallway.

The bathroom is extremely spacious. The shower
area on the left.

It is quite clean.

The opened wardrobe. The entrance door at the
background, on the left.

The study table is large enough to share with the TV.

A good feature that is often overlook by other major hotels i.e. a
power point that is convenient located next to the bed.

The bed is quite clean and comfortable.

One side of the table is used for work.

A unused space. It would be good if they place a single armchair here.

The other bedside table with powerpoint. There are 2 located here.

The view from the window. The green area on the
background is the golf range. On the foreground is the
 softball pitch.

The office buildings are located along the main road.

The Harris Suites fX Sudirman received regular good reviews on Tripadvisor. And rightly so. I have stayed on higher floor before and the views are fantastic. This is definitely one of the hotels I would stay again in Jakarta.

Have you stayed here before?

Let me know on the comments section below.

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