Thursday, 26 December 2013

Dorco Pace 4 Shaving Kit

I got the Dorco Pace 4 Blade shaver recently. It is a 4-blade shaving kit from Korea. It is quite popular there and they even have a 6-blade shaving kit called the Pace 6. Gillette has only 5-blade for its top-line Fusion shaver series.

One of its unique features for the Dorco shaving kit is its open docking system for its replacement cartridge. This means for the same handpiece, it can interchange from a 3-blade cartridge to 6-blade cartridge, without buying a new shaving kit. You cannot do that with a Gillette.

There is also a huge cost difference between the Dorco and the traditional Gillette. The Dorco Pace 4 blade shaver costs SGD10.90 with its replacement 4 cartridge replacement at SGD12.50. Compare that to the Gillette Fusion where its replacement set can go up to around SGD25++

The Dorco shaving kit can be obtained from the following website:

Here are the unboxing photos and comparing it against a 5-blade non-Gillette shaver from Watsons.

The handle is in white.

Top view.

Back view.

Blades made in Korea but the handle is made in China.

Cover opened.

Another view.

The handle is in non-slip rubber for a good grip.

The neck view.

Another view of the 2 shavers.

The Dorco Pace 4 on the left with the Watson's generic shaver on the right. 

Another side by side view of the shaving blades.

These 2 shavers uses their own unique system of attaching itself to the cartridge replacement.

I have used the Dorco shaver couple of times now and I really liked the close shave it provides. Of course, a proper shave also depends on 2 other components which is hot water and a good shaving cream / foam with moisturiser.

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