Saturday, 5 May 2018

Kartell Bourgie Lamp Dimmer Switch Replacement

I have a pair of Kartell Bourgie Lamps which I blogged about here.  The old Bourgie lamp has a very bad dimmer switch. It does not last long, which I also blogged about here

Thankfully, Kartell has a replacement dimmer switch is so much better than the original one. It is not cheap though but it is definitely worth the change.

I bought 2 replacement dimmer switch.

The dimmer switch with instructions.

The original dimmer switch on the left. The problem with it
was the roller was very flimsy. The new switch is a slider. 

Another view.

The back view. Its quite cool that it has PC board.

Instructions with no words.

Need to be careful in removing the original wire.

On the left of the switch, it is indicated L for Live and N for
Neutral. So the wire that is removed from L, I have labeled
with Red tape, as can be seen on the bottom left hand corner.

On the other side of the switch, take note of the N - Neutral

The broken switch that needs to be replaced,
The Red labeled wire is the Live wire.

The tools that I used for this project.

The wires properly labeled.

Using the spudger to lift up the slider switch.

Once the slider is taken off, the 2 screws
underneath needs to be removed.

With the cover removed.

With the white wire holder removed. You
can see a small N letter on the bottom

So the blue wire goes to Neutral.

With both ends connected.

With the back screwed back and the slider in its place.

Thankfully, it worked when turned on.

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