Sunday, 21 May 2017

Minix Neo A2 Lite Remote

In my previous blog, I mentioned about the Minix Neo U1 Android Box. It comes with a remote which is, in essence, just a pointer.

The included Minix remote.

I bought the Neo A2 Lite remote. 

Six-asix gyroscope accelerometer
Spacious keyboard
Advanced power management
Uses 2 x AAA battery
Operating range up to 10 meters

For me, the dealbreaker is the the keyboard. During the setup of the Minix, I had to input numerous URLs and navigate the settings. Although using the included remote pointer would suffice, the NEO A2 Lite makes things much faster.

Box Front.

Box Back.

Remote front

Keyboard behind.

The 2 remotes front.

The 2 remotes behind.

Location of battery

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