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Artemide Tolomeo Table Mega Lamp

25 Feb 2016

I bought a pre-owned Artemide Tolomeo Table Mega. The previous family had it for 8 years. They bought it from XTRA Furniture, in Park Mall which is an authorised seller of Artemide. But there was no documentation and receipt. The lampshade is paper and its the mid-size, 360mm diameter. I am not too keen on paper but the condition of the lampshade is in good condition and relatively clean for 8 years. Furthermore, I can purchase a replacement from Artemide.

The Table Mega uses a clamp and not with the heavy base. I think its because it is quite a long lamp and a heavy base would not be able to support it.

The Tolomeo was designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1982 for the Artemide company. It won the Compasso d'Oro design award in 1989. It is a highly coveted award which has been awarded twenty times since its introduction in 1954. It is also on display 

I have always wanted to own a Tolomeo. I like the industrial look to it, with its cantilever structure. Nowadays, the Tolomeo comes in various sizes, from the small bedside version to the XXL floor lamps. It was credited for 'having achieved the perfect marriage between design and engineering that works together in total "sync" to materialize an idea and create the perfect object for industrial production.' 

From the Artemide website.

I bought the one with the 360mm diameter

The whole lamp is in need of some cleaning up. 

I polished up the whole lamp with Autosol. This is the table

The Artemide sticker.

Another feature of the Tolomeo. The male part is placed into the clamp
housing. Or it can be placed into the metal base.

Several base options for the Tolomeo.

The arms are cleaned up and polished.

The table clamp is in placed and the lamp is
slide into the slot.

The lamp is placed above the dining table at my residence.

With the lights on.

An interview with 3 great designers. From left, 
Richard Sapper designed the Tizio lamp. He passed away 
31st Dec 2015. Ernesto Gismondi founded Artemide
and Michele De Lucchi designed the Tolomeo.

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