Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hong Kong Trip Part III: Hotel Excelsior Hong Kong

On the final leg of our stay in Hong Kong, we stayed at the Excelsior Hotel. It is now part of the Mandarin Oriental group. According to wikipedia, the hotel is located on the 'first plot of land sold at auction after Hong Kong became a British Colony in 1841.' The Noonday Gun, is located right in front of the hotel. This is owned and operated by Jardine Matherson. The location of the Noonday Gun was known as East Point and it was the first plot of land in Hong Kong to be sold by the colonial government by public auction in 1841, and was purchased by Jardine Matheson. 

I can only conclude that the Excelsior Hotel is owned by Jardine Matheson as it sits on its own land. Furthermore, the hotel is is now part of the Mandarin Oriental Group, which is also a member of the Jardine Matheson Group.

The Excelsior Hotel from the harbour.

Another view of the hotel

This is the main entrance to the Excelsior. One thing to 
take note, there is no ramp. It is a bit troublesome if
you are bringing a pram or not using the bellboy's services. 
There is a ramp located at the side entrance. 
(photo take from here.)

The lobby, taken from On the right is the check-in
counter. On the background, is the main entrance. There are
occasions when there are queues to check-in and the yellow pillars 
block a proper queue being formed.

The hotel is a child friendly hotel. When we informed them
that we have a child together with us, they put us up on a special
room, next to the Presidential Suite!!!

The Wife, on the way to our room.

No, that is not it. Ours is next door to it.

The view upon entry. Behind the screen is a nice seating area.

The mini-bar on the left and around the corner... the mini walk-in wardrobe.

Another view, with the safe on the floor.

The mini-bar.

As you can see, the room is quite large. We suspect this room
could be used for the VIP's delegates, since it is next door
to the Presidential Suite.

The study/make-up area with TV.

A view of the bed.

The door to the right leads to the bathroom.

Double sink!!!

But no shower area.

One quirky device found in the bathroom, a bottle 
cap opener.

And an in-built tissue dispenser.

The view from the window from the study table

Another view.

The view from the window by the bed

A view of Kowloon and the Star Ferry Pier. 

 Overall, it was good stay. The hotel was good and the location of the hotel is quite centralised.

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