Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cable Management De-cluttered: Home made cable organizer.

One of the most annoying things in this modern age is cable clutter. It seems one can only manage cable clutter but one can never get rid of it. It is always there.

One gadget that caught my eye is Cable Safe - The Complete Cable Manager. One way to set it up is to clamp the device to your table. I was really tempted to purchase this but upon further investigation, I found out that the space beneath my desk is not enough for this device.

But this got me thinking....what if I made my own Cable Management system.....hmmm......

This is how my floor looks like behind my PC. Its a no-man's land. My objective is tp raise the multi-socket plug off the floor.

A close up view of no-man's land.

This is the view from underneath my table. I have tried to do some kind of cable management before by using the 3M Command Cord Bundlers.

Another view underneath the desk.

I have a general idea of how I want to approach this. This was the stuff that I bought. I did not use all of it though.

So lets start. First the 3M Towel Rack

 I wanted to stick the towel hanger underneath my table. But this did not last long. As per the instructions, it is meant for wall or vertical surface. An upside down surface was too much for it and eventually, it fell to the floor.

So I had to replace the Command Strips with new ones and stick it against the vertical side of the table. This is how it looks after I placed it against the vertical side of the table. I also added one more 3M Command Cord Bundlers at the end.

The 3M Command Cord Bundlers is used to hang one of my multi-socket adapter. I used several cable tie to create loops to hang it with the 3M Cord Hook

Next, I prepared another multi-socket adapter with cable ties. This is a 6 socket adapter.

Close up.

With the towel rack ready, I used small S-hooks to hang the socket to it.The towel rack also allows me to hang other cables via velcro or S-hooks.

This is how it looks like.  The other socket adapter is next to it.

Ok, now both socket adapters are up. 3M Command devices are holding strong. Next is cable management. I stick 2  x 3M Command Large Wire Hook at the side of the table. See below.

This was not a good idea. The thickness of the cables made it unsuitable. I intend to leave it for the moment and eventually change to a Cord Bundler.

I realised that if possible, I prefer using velcro than cable tie. It is much easier to remove. Making changes is much easier if velcro is used instead. This is how it looks like after spending 6 hours underneath a cramp table.

At first glance, it may look like a mess but in reality, it is much better than what I used to have. It is much better organised now. And the most importantly, the multi-socket is off the floor.

So from this.....                                                                                 this?

Another view of the end product. You can see the plug hanging from behind the table partition where the multi socket adapter are located.

I think more can be done to make it neater. I have a few more ideas for that. I will update with the development. But for the moment, I am happy with the result.

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