Sunday, 6 November 2011

For Sale: Brand New Lian Li Front Panel Face Clips (1 set)

Model No: PT-JT01

The faceplate of a Lian-Li case is removable from the casing body. It is attached by 4 male/female plastic clips at the four corners of the faceplate. This is one of the unique feature of a Lian-Li case.

However, the due to the heat inside the casing and quality of the plastic clips, it will eventually become brittle. Resulting in using cello-tape to stick your faceplate to the casing.

Not anymore.

I am selling the replacement for these clips, 1 set of male and female part at SGD5 per set. Brand new, never used
Overseas orders accepted. Cost of shipment to be borne by buyer.

Leave a comment for any interests.

Above is the male clip. Take note of the small hook at the left hand side of it's base. This is to secure the clip to its position.

 Above image is the female clip.

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